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I read that on a road exiting the fair there was a group numbering in the hundreds stopping cars and trying to gain access to the occupied vehicles and running on top of the vehicles stomping on them while also beating a minor in the street. If this was me, and there was an open lane of traffic, id probably try to build up as much speed as possible and get in the oncoming lane which was surely vacant if this road was taking cars out of the fair. Best case scenario, they move and I drive out. Worst case scenario, I run over a few "speed bumps" on the way out..... and I promise you I wouldnt lose a wink of sleep. Anyone that acts like that deserves whatever they've got coming. I guess if I hit enough of them I might wreck and then I'd be screwed, but I promise you I'm not going out without taking a few with me. My Glock holds 15+1 rounds of .40. Thats more than enough to make a dent.
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