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I learned a long time ago not to argue with a fool so I wouldn't get anywhere with him...I don't think John Browning would get any farther with him either. Well, this place is on my stay away list.

Since in my area there are a lot of questionable smiths (a dying breed out here as I was told by other shops who wouldn't touch my 1903), I am going to send it out of state to the recommended gentlemen who works on these. I got to talk to him for a bit and mentioned the problems. He first thought it was the disconnector, however when I told him about how it seemed to work when leaning to the left and right, he mentioned that that doesn't sound crazy at all and more than likely sounds more like the leaf spring. Either it was assembled wrong or damaged. He would be able to figure it out in 10 min. The only additional cost I would have to pay would be parts (if spring) and shipping. I'm fine with that and for peace of mind. His rates were reasonable too. The only thing he cautioned about was if other parts were is extremely difficult to find them.

I will be shipping it out this week so I will keep you all posted on what they find.
Sounds like a good plan on all counts.

If you do ever see the smith again that thinks a 1911 grip safety must be squeezed and released between shots for the hammer to cock, tell him to call me at the shop, I'll be glad to explain to him how a 1911 works.

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