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Sad state of affairs that these things should continue to happen.... Where are the police?
Police cannot be everywhere. So the better question is where are the legally armed civilians?

You can't shoot a mob and expect to come out alive. Most of us only have a couple magazines or speed loaders when we conceal carry and then you are done. Seek refuge in the best defensive position you can find, escape if you can. Trying to shoot hundreds of rampaging people in a mob is a lose, lose situation for sure that is likely to only enrage them further.
Especially for the first 20 or so mob members.

I don't care about race or how hard the the poor bad guys had it growing up. I don't care if they are hating the color of my skin as they are attempting to injure me. What I do care about is not being injured and my family the same. I think slipping out or hiding would be ideal. If you are targeted fight and retreat if possible.

I don't go to the Florida State Fair for this reason. Plus it is illegal to go armed as it is considered a place of nuisance.
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