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ok so i took the gun to the range today after i cleaned the piston and nut and cylinder meticulously and cleaned the whole gun again thoroughly, I didnt realize the gas system was supposed to be completely dry, the m1 gi manual says to lightly oil it, and i have read that elsewhere, maybe i went a little to heavy.

Anyway, the first 5 rounds fired fine, then the gun started ****ing up over and over again just like before, i took it apart at the range, the gas piston was covered in this black residue, so now i am getting almost a constant stovepipe or failure to eject, yet cycling the gun by hand produces perfect chambering, extracting and ejecting so it must be the gas system or the recoil spring, but im leaning toward the gas system.

The last thing i can think of was that i overlubricated the gas system, but it was moving at the range, so I am out of ideas, i think my friend will give me my money back for the gun, but i bought it knowing of these problems, not sure what i should do, thoughts??
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