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If you visit the Accurate web site, you'll see they list VMD's for all their powders, plus give a tolerance for how accurate those numbers are. ±3% is common and some are over ±5%. I wish Alliant and the other makers gave that information, too, because it give you some sense of how accurate your dippers and disks or Perfect CC settings can be expected to be.

Lee's table seems to make sure you won't over-charge by being on the light side with most powders. So don't be surprised if you need to go up a size. Just weigh the result to be sure.

Hodgdon Universal will do most of what Unique does, and it meters better, as already mentioned, and it also burns cleaner, which I like. Typically its charges are maybe around 5% lighter than Unique to reach similar peak pressures. 231 will meter well in most measures, but you can't load it safely to quite as high a velocity as Unique because of its faster burn rate. If you want something that meters about like 231l but reaches higher load performance while still at safe pressures, take a look at Alliant Power Pistol.
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