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Good call, OP. I've learned not to load under pressure or with distractions. If it's the night before a match, it's been a long day (or week) and I don't have any ammo loaded I'd either blow off the match and sleep in or show up and help run the match. Even if nothing goes wrong on the loading bench I've never shot well after loading under those conditions. Sometimes you just need a break.
TATER's right, if something doesn't feel right I don't load. I'll clean & sort brass, straighten up the cabinets, clean & check equipment, sack up the trash, whatever. If I figure out what's bothering me I'll fix it and go on. If not, I'll try again another day.
I'm glad you caught your mistakes, thanks for posting so newer reloaders will learn from them and us experienced loaders will be reminded to heed those little voices that try to keep us out of trouble.
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