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Weight it and use it.

Welcome, and thanks for asking our advice.

Lee dippers are notorious for weighing light. Same for their Auto-Disk and the chart that accompanies the Autodisk and the dippers.

The way to use the dippers or Auto-disk is to measure out several charges and observe what the average weight is. If it is lighter than your desired weight, pick a dipper or a cavity that does deliver what weight you want.

Always make sure your technique is consistent and delivers consistent charges. This is the biggest difficulty in using any powder measuring device.

I have used Unique for decades in most of my pistol rounds (357, 9mm, 45 ACP 44 Mag for mid-range light recoiling loads, and recently, 45 Colt and 454 Casull for light loads. The accuracy of the Auto-Disk has been acceptable. I have been re-evaluating my powder choices lately, though and will revisit my thoughts on the matter, however.

If you want to go with the chart and the cavity recommended, I suggest you load 5 founds at that charge weight and see if there is enough oomph to cycle your action. I put some of my lightly loaded .357 rounds through my friend's Coonan and none of them had the juice to cycle the action. I used to load my 45 ACP right on the edge of being able to cycle my Gold Cup Colt 45. If I held the gun very tightly, it would cycle. If I held it the least bit loosely, I would get stovepipe jams every time. Cool, clearance drills at the range at will.

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