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New Loader Question

Hey folks. I'm new to the forum and new to reloading. However, not new to guns. (retired military)

I have an inconsistancy that has me concerned. I just punched out my first batch of 9mm with 115gr copper plated round nose with Unique and cci primers.

Could not (useless story goes along with how I ended up with Unique) find loading data for this combo until I contacted the bullet maker. They gave two bits of info:

1-use recipe for jacketed bullets

2-go with 5.6gr mol 1.139

Now that you have the facts, here's the real question.

I use the Lee disc system to dispense powder. I used disc .53 which is supposed to dispense 4.9gr.

I checked this with the Lees bar scale and it weighed 3.9gr.

I also used the Lee scoop .5 (this is listed in the Lee recipe) and it also scaled at 3.9gr.

Which one should I believe? Does it matter?

I would appreciate any info from you experienced loaders.

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