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This could have ended badly.

Ok I was getting things ready for an F-Class match this Saturday. I had to install a sling swivel on my rifle and load up 100 rounds of ammo.

My load was

308 win
Lapua Brass
43gr Hodgdon Varget
CCI BR-4 Primers
175gr SMK

Loaded to a .018" jump should have measured with my OAL gauge to 2.172"

So I get out the powder, primers, cases, and the Tool head for my dillon. It is set up as sort of a turret more than a progressive.

I start reloading setting my scale up on the bench and setting the Uniflow to throw 41gr of varget then trickle the rest in. I then sized and primed a case. I backed the seater plug out and worked my way down to the measurement I figured in my head. I did the math wrong and used .18 for my jump NOT .018". I get to loading. The whole time thinking man that load looks a little short. But the phone range it was hot out side the dog needed let in the house. I was then loading 1 at a time. Sizing then adding powder then loading the bullet. After the phone call I figured I would make the process faster and load in batches of 10. Now I never ever do this normally not sure why I did it that night. I guess because I was sweating hard I was tired from 10 hours of removing and installing computers at work that day. I only got 5 hours of sleep the night before, and it was already 11 pm. So I was distracted, tired, hot, sweaty, I changed my process in the middle of loading. I get 25 loaded and then stop and think about it as the phone rings again. I then figure out what I did wrong. The seating depth is off. I call myself a few colorful names and decide to pack it in for the night.

The next evening rolls around another 10 hour day of work then home to cook and get the wife off to work (RN working night shift). I try it again . I am not pulling bullets and dumping the powder back in to the case and seating to the proper depth of 2.172" on my OAL gauge. Then I have one that spills a little bit of powder out of it. So I throw it on the scale. The scale now is set on 43gr Or so I think. The scale PEGS out (Ohaus 1010) I adjust the scale and OMG it weighs 48grs. After about having a heart attack I just decide to pack it in again.

Now last night I go and just decided to pull them all down put the powder back in the can and start over today or tonight.

I am an experienced reloader loading for 23 years. I made simple little mistakes and it could have cost me my gun my life and injured someone next to me on the line this weekend at Quantico. I screwed up big time. Plus my bench was a mess. I guess the moral of the story is take your time do it right and don't get distracted.

I would have hatted to see what a 5gr over charge and a bullet seated .1" too deep would have done if I would have touched it off.
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