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Relaoding is if anything a addicting past time. I can never reload enough and always want more, more, more ....... Good thing I cannot afford it all of the time. So smal batches are made and are enough for the times I do get out to the range. I have come up with a good way of saving rounds at the range though. Even if my magazines can hold 18 rds, I load only five and do five round strings with several guns in different calibers. Than reload the magazines. Reloading this often takes time away from shooting, but you never really miss it. I can stretch my shooting time to hours this way. Still at the range, still shooting, still having fun. But, just shot 150 rds today as opposed to several hundered if I loaded the mags to full. Of course, I do somethimes reload mags to full to ensure operation. And also more or less depending on what type of practice I want to do. Oh, plated bullets for me, clean and $70 per 500 shipped.
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