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There aren't any coil springs, which would be an immediate give-away that this is modern, but I'm wondering if the screws might have been replaced? They look too clean and machine-made to be original to something that old. Can you see anything stamped along the sides of the grip frame, in the area that would normally be covered by the grips? There are certainly reenactors today that shoot pistols like these, but they usually prefer to shoot modern reproductions, so they don't need to worry about damaging an original.
I should also have asked earlier; is there a chance this pistol might be loaded? You would be surprised at how many original old guns like this were simply left loaded years ago, and all it would take is a random spark to fire it again. The way to check is with a ramrod that will fit down the barrel, and it has to fit all the way to where the nipple goes in to meet the powder chamber; if it doesn't, treat it as if it was loaded, and you might need to get some hands-on help to clear it if it is.
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