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Money? You guys save money? Now that's a neat trick. I started out loading just for 45 ACP when I bought one on sale. Have to have ammo you know. My best friend gave me a RCBS JR press, have never used it, deceided a Lee Classic Turret press would do better for me, and equipment to reload and equipment to reload and more equipment to reload and tools and trimmers and tumblers and scales amd gauges and more powder and of course more bullets so I could use all that equipment and cases, primers and more bullets. (they get used up too fast) And then it hit me, I have all this stuff and why am I loading for only one caliber.

So 22 guns, 13 calibers, two presses, enough bullets and primers and cases to arm Poncho Viva and his army as well as three cabinets full (need more cabinets) of loaded ammo later, I am still reloading. No I am not addicted, maybe OCD would better explain it, there is always a better load out there, just have to find it.(LOL)

Let me know how you guys save money, I need the advice short of stop reloading, that will never happen. (LOL)

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