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Originally Posted by jonboyc
What exactly do you mean Lee doesn't make a powder die for their single stage presses? The same dies are used for all their presses and there is a flaring/powder through die. In fact I think there's a way to attach the lee powder measure to the powder through die if you wanted to go that route.
The OP asked about RIFLE reloading, specifically for the .223 caliber and said that he's using a Lee single stage press.

It's true that all Lee's pistol sets come with a powder-thru die, but I don't know of anyone who uses them for rifle calibers. If you want a powder-thru die on your Lee progressive press for RIFLE calibers, you're going to have to order their Universal Charge Die, which is not listed as a reloading die, but as powder handling equipment.

When I'm loading cast bullets in RIFLE calibers, I have to make the extra step of flaring the case mouth. That's a well established procedure in cast-bullet shooting. For jacketed bullets it's an extra step that is simply not necessary.

For a single stage press that seems like a lot of extra work.
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