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Adco....Bar none.

I live in NW Ohio and Adco is my home town Class III dealer. With that caveat, know that the folks at Adco are serious about their craft and dedicated. Steve, Dave and Mr. Schuster are proud of their work and it shows.

I have a 16" barrel upper for this particular gun, and it shoots great out to 100 yards. I also have this sbr upper for it and it also shoots great to 100 yards. Not much difference really in accuracy. As for the muzzle velocity, I should probably shoot it over a chronograph one of these days. 147gr subsonics are subsonic in my 16" upper as well as my 8" upper.

That being said, this is my Lone Wolf G9 with an Adco barrel.

And here it is with a Trident 9 on the end.

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