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Sorry to make some of you guys feel bad but as soon as the youngest son moved out, his bedroom became the "gun room". I load on airconditioned comfort on either of two Dillon progressive presses and I cut a deal with my father-in-law. He shoots so he gladly pays for half of everything. I actually paid for my first press twice the first year in "savings". I complained about how much trouble it is to change over the press from .45 to 9mm so my wife bought us another twin press so I don't have to do anything but move my stool in front of which ever one I want to use. I've already paid for the second one in "savings".

When FIL and I started shooting we would shoot one store bought box and quit. Now I carry 30 cal. ammo cans of ammo to the range and shoot til we get tired because of all the money we are saving. Life is good.
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