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Lyman's Cast Bullet Handbook lists 15.6gr W296 (aka H110)/39,700CUP as its recommended load for the 155gr #358156 LSWC cast in linotype.

Right next to that is an 18 grain/W296/41,400CUP load for 160gr #358311 (semi pointed/roundnose).** Both are listed at the same 1.590" OAL.

The charge/pressures difference are in all liklihood due to case volume effects of the different bullet shapes (among other things). Beyond that, Quickload tells me that your 16.7gr/LWSC trial produces pressures fully 30% higher than the Lyman-recommended 15.6gr

Drop to 15.6gr H110 and be happy.

** The later Lyman49th drops the H110/W296 charge for their 160gr #358311 (semi pointed/roundnose) to 16.5gr. Their 155gr #358156/LSWC/H110 charge remains topped out at 15.7gr. Read & Heed.

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