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So I got curious, went back to PACER ... No Joy. Then went to the NRA-ILA site and found ....

It turns out that there is a good reason this lawsuit hasn't been listed yet at the DC Federal District Court.

This NRA-ILA alert, says the the NRA funded lawsuit was filed just today, Aug. 3rd.

That news item then lists a news story about the suit from the N.Y. Times, also published today.

From the Times story:

While the suit is being paid for by the N.R.A., it is being brought in the name of the two Arizona dealers, J&G Sales of Prescott and Foothills Firearms of Yuma. The complaint said that about 8,479 licensed dealers were in the four states affected by the rule.
The Times story does give a very brief (and misleading) nod to Fast and Furious.

So either the NRA mislead J&G Sales as to when the suit was (going to be) filed, or J&G misunderstood the NRA.

Either way, the case should be available within a day, certainly by Friday. Assuming the case was actually filed. sigh.
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