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What doesn't break the bank?

S&W Elite Gold, recently discontinued, is a reliable and well-built Turkish gun (NOT a Huglu). They are available from CDNN and others for around $1200 or so - available in 20 gauge, they are well built and originally sold for about $2500.

For other gauges, look for the same guns sold under the name John Dickinson and Son (a play on the well-respected name John Dickson and Son) Also made in the same UTAS factory, they were available in other gauges.

For used, look on places like for used models from Ugartechea, AyA, and others - these will be older ones, but typically in very good shape and very well-built.

AyAs that were built for Sears in the 50s and 60s are selling in the 250-400 range
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