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M1 carbine help!!!

Hi guys, this is my first post and I am looking for some help with an m1 carbine i just bought.

I paid 240 bucks for this gun because it has some kind of strange problem jamming. It is an IAI carbine (israel arms international) which went out of business several years ago, they were made in houston texas, the guns seems to be very good quality, and the action looks in fantastic shape.

I think the gun is short stroking, every other round fired it fails to eject, sometimes fails to extract, jams a casing in the chamber, double feeds, stovepipes, at first i tthought the extractor was broken or the chamber was too tight, after taking apart the gun the extractor seems fine, and the chamber looks fine and fits a round just as it should, the extractor is nice and square and catches a round perfect.

someone suggested the gun was short stroking, and this could be caused by the gas system or the recoil spring. my friend who i bought the gun from put a brand new spring in it as soon as he got it because the gun had been stored for years with the bolt open, and since he first put that spring in it, it has been causing problems, but he never fired it before that because he figured the spring was too weak.

I am nervous about taking apart the gas system because i have never done that before, could it be possible the spring is too strong? could i cut some loops off the spring possibly???

Also i do not believe its the magazine which is a 10 rounder, because shooting the gun one bullet at a time with no magazine in it causes it to also jam up or stovepipe every other round. HELP PLEASE!!!!

heres a pic of the gun:

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