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Loading inside

My entire loading bench fits in 3 medium sized toolboxes plus a folding workbench. (6 sets of dies in turrets, Lee Classic Turret, Scale, couple of Auto-disk powder measures and other small parts). This does not include a vibratory tumbler, which is in the laundry room and stays there. I don't need it to actually reload with. It does not include components, which have not entered in the discussion yet, anyway.

I can load anywhere. Spread out a cloth tarp to catch any spilled powder or lost primers, unfold the workbench, bolt the press onto the accompanying 2x6 and clamp it into the workbench. Set the scale up on a nearby table or stool and in 10 minutes, I am all set up. Living room, friend's house, garage, anywhere.

Keeping the tarp laundered would probably go a LONG way towards making the indoor loading process acceptable.

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