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I was looking for a gun safe for several months. Watched the videos on youtube showing how easy it was to break into any and all safes. It was pretty discouraging stuff.
Then I talked to an old timer (old timers have a wealth of information) and he explained that yes, any safe can be broken into given enough time and the opportunity. Most break ins are smash and grab so they arent going to spend too much time on anything they can't haul away. So I bought a large one that takes 3-4 men to move, bolted it to the floor, put most of my guns and cash into it and went on living my life as usual.
The best 'safes' I've seen amazed me. Both were 'fake' rooms in the house. There was no way for a stranger to know they were even there.

I'm not going to spend much time worrying about someone stealing my possesions, if they get past me and the dogs, then I geuss they can have them. I have much better things to worry my new Grand Daughter and what kind of playhouse I'm going to build for her next summer.
How I'm going to keep building the retirement portfolio. How do I get my employees to work harder...etc.
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