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You have a lot of latitude with WW-748. From about 26 grains to around 35, 36 grains with that 170 flat nose so you are ok there.
Yes, it is possible to over crimp But, I think that’s part of the learning curve. Goodness knows I did…
You really don't need a lot to hold the bullet in place, If you can see the mouth just starting to turn into
The cannelure you are probably OK. As for seating and C.O.L. Never seat deeper than the Minimum,
that’s where pressure can spike and do bad things. With that 94 if you seat too long the action will
Lock up. What I would do first is make a Dummy Round (No primer and No Powder) The very same
set up that you have so far and see if it will (1) cycle threw the action and (2) make sure the bullet
Is not jamming into the lands of you rifling when you close the action. All in All, I think you are doing
Good so far, Keep the crimp in the cannelure and I think you will be good. You do have some wiggle room.
I'm sure more people will chime in with more perspective. Wish you the best and welcome to the board.
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