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No offense taken PoorRichRichard. For a moment I thought the wifey was lecturing me. Hehe I kid I kid. I reload so much cause I eventually want to get enough stock to last me through spring/summer/fall so I can just reload in the winter months.

I like to think I was responsible with my recent "Upgrades". Although I didn't need them they did make reloading more pleasant.

First I hate case prep and my hand crank hornady trimmer sucks. I could have dropped another $2-400 on an electric trimmer but instead I bought the Lee Zip Trim and pimped it out for about $60 total. Way easier on the hands and much faster.

I bought the $110 digital scale instead of the $200 one. This saves me from the bobbing beam scale when I am checking every 5-8 rounds.

Then I got tired of seating 4 die stages for 223 and 45 acp. I could have gone full progressive but went with a turret press instead. All in all I am down $460. So in reloading math I need to reload 2300 rounds of 45 acp before I break even. LMAO
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