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My reloads have visible crimp around the middle of crimping cannelure, I can say that's a heavy crimp. Safe to shoot ?
You might give us a picture, but in general an 'easily-visible' roll crimp into the canelure is fine.

I couldn't find any dead-level surface in my house
You don't need a dead-level surface for a balance beam scale. As Lee's instruction say: "Turn the zero adjusting poise to align the beam pointer to the zero indicator on the base." Using any reasonal flat surface, this should compensate for most slight real-world conditions. (You did zero the beam?)

Mine are at 64.40mm [OAL], still safe?
You are within bounds (and apparently at the actual design canelure length).

as close to 29.7 grains as possible. Im sure not all of them are exactly 29.7 grs. Safe or not? Tolerances?
Winchester's max for that 170FN/W748 combo is 32 grains.
You are well below that, and +/1 a tenth of a grain is standard ballpark. (BTW: Which manual did you take that out of?)
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