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NEW to Reloading, need help

Hallo to All,
I read the ABS's of reloading, slowly and carefully over the course of few months, together with manual's that came with my die set and 4 hole turret press made by LEE. Also dozens of forum posts. Finaly, I made 10 reloads in 30-30W using once fired Remington factory cases.
Problem I'm having is, I have to chamber one of them, then pull the trigger of my beautifull win. M94 pre-64 and I feel little paranoid something not fun can happen. I went by chart all the way, using 29.7 grain of Winchester 748 ball powder behinde 170 grain jacketed hornady Flat point bullet. What I'm worried about, are few things. Mainly, C.O.L. powder measuring, amount of crimp etc.
I did found in chart that max cartridge lenght cannot exceed 2.550 inches - 64.77mm (I'm metric person) BUT not shorter than 2.480 inches - 62.99mm. That is 1.78mm difference, is it possible rounds ranging that much in lenght are all ok? Mine are at 64.40mm, still safe?

For powder measuring I use lee safety magnetic scale, but...believe it or not I couldn't find any dead-level surface in my house, level gauge I used was inexpensive "home depot" tool, 10 bucks or so (again not the most precise tool out there)...anyhow I came close and weighted each load as close to 29.7 grains as possible. Im sure not all of them are exactly 29.7 grs. Safe or not? Tolerances?

Last one is amount of crimp. There is no doubt I have to crimp (use LFCD) as rounds go in the tubular magazine and resting there under a heavy spring tension. But is it possible to apply too much crimp? My reloads have visible crimp around the middle of crimping cannelure, I can say that's a heavy crimp. Safe to shoot ?

It is already a long post, believe most of you folks won't even bother to read. It's ok, hope that at least one or two will have patience and time.

Finally I didn't tumble my brass cause still have to save some money for the device, find out that polishing brass isn't necessary. I cleaned it with polishing cloth and made sure there were no demages, primer pockets are clean and flash holes open.
Thank you all who find time to read this and reply with your toughts, it is possible I'm overthinking the matter but better safe then sorry, won't be much fun if I blow my head off.
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