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7 1/2" barrel for 9mm ar

So i recently put together a lone wolf G9 ar15. The thing is extremely fun and I have already put 500+ rds thru it the first weekend i had it. I have sent in my paperwork to SBR the lower so i can chop the barrel and get a SWR Trident for it.

My question is where can i buy a 7 1/2" barrel? i know a shop that could chop mine, but id rather keep the stock barrel just to have a spare. I have contacted YHM, and they said they do not and have never done pistol length barrels. Not really sure why or what is so hard about making it shorter but w/e.

I also checked rock river, and they dont seem to sell just the barrel.

Also, on this topic, will going from a 16" to 7 1/2" greatly affect accuracy? I am not building the firearm for long range use obviously, but id still hate to render it to the accuracy of a standard pistol.
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