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Originally Posted by Rugerismisticness
Whenever you have the option, buy extended. They either have longer/more gradual tapers or longer parallel sections, both improve patterns.
Extended choke tubes will out perform flush mounted chokes for special purposes, like turkey patterns, waterfowling, long range patterning for coyotes, etc.

The longer parallel sections and gradual tapers allow the shot pellets to stop bouncing/rattling around and settle into the choke tube's restriction.

Recently, I was looking to improve some long range patterns for coyote hunting, so I called Carlsons. I talked with one of their technicians, was given some good advice and purchased the proper restriction to be used with the ammo for coyote hunting. My patterns with Dead Coyote ammo improved with the suggested choke tube, from 30% to 90%.

BTW...the "technician" that I spoke with was Scott Carlson...the owner. The second time I called, I spoke with Shane Carlson, Scott's son and a very knowledgable man. Carlson's has a great company with excellent customer service.

Good luck with your choices!
Good hunting, Bowhunter57
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