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As you have experienced off hand shooting requires developed skills. As you suggest, there are many positions being used and most work when the basic fundamentals are followed. One of the most important fundamental it to position the rifle the same for each shot. Here's the method that I used when I shot on several Marine Corps rifle teams. Frist I would place my feet comfortably and shoulder my rifle with my eyes closed. If the rifle wasn't pointong at the target when I opened my eyes I moves my left foot in the direction need to gain a natural point. Repeat if necessary. You don't want to muscle target alignment. I placed my left hand vertically under the fore end without my elbow touching my body Next, I wore a padded shooting coat. I placed the rifle by turning it on its side and placing the toe of the butt stock against the shoulder pad and twisted the rifle verticle. This, after several weeks created a pocket that fits the rifle stocks toe. The same amount of rearward pressure and the same amount grip pressure is required for each shot. Sight alignment is critical so you must focus you eyes on the sights only. The target should blurr out. The sights will move in a figure 8 on it side. If the sights are aligned they can move the width of the bullseye and you will get a hit in the black. Remember, the sights move not the target and the bullet strike will be there after the shot. Next, the trigger must release without disturbing the sights. This skill is developed by snapping in against a blank, white wall.

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