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That false economy statement rings Sooo true. The Lee shellholders fit like crap, for that matter the RCBS shellholders can live somewhere else also.
I couldn't agree more, with the Lee shell holders. They are the least consistent, least concentric, pieces of crap I have in my shell holder drawer. I only keep them around, because I have some very old brass, that doesn't always work in shell holders designed to handle SAAMI spec brass. (Really says something about Lee's tolerances and "precision"....)

But... As you said, RCBS isn't too far ahead. They work, but are still inconsistent.

I, too, have found Hornady shell holders to be my go-to brand. They are consistent, concentric, fit the case better, and fit the press better. However, they often have a small lip around the decapping/priming bore hole. It has to be ground down (or polished), if you don't want it marring case heads.

I haven't used enough Redding or Lyman shell holders to decide where they fit in the food chain.
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