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This is why it's important to know how a safe is built, because they are all very different from one another.
Amen to that! This one was mild steel on the exterior ... probably about 0.1 inches thick ... and I'm sure that it WAS designed as a document safe. I'd be interested in how someone not in the profession would come across solid info on the construction of a safe. I have not yet replaced that one, and someday I'd like to make a better choice. For sure, I am now biased strongly away from digital controls and in favor of the 150 year old dial technology!

I'm assuming that a TL-15 rated safe will resist my circular saw, but what will one of those bad boys cost?? Is there a way to find a safe in the sub-$2000 range that will be big enough to hold long guns AND resist simple tool (e.g. circular saws, etc) attacks? I'm pretty sure my actual gun safe would open almost as easily as my "document safe" did

Thanks for sharing your expertise ...

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