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I have a Giraud and I can't imagine anything more efficient for my process.

I do trimming as part of "break out" case prep/inspection. My cases are already resized/deprimed/reprimed, so I'm not looking for anything but a rapid way to trim & chamfer. Also, if it was going to have a motor, I wanted to do it in a different location than the press, which was in an inside room.

However, I have to spend time lubing cases before my resize/deprime/reprime.

I've read of a setup (on a separate toolhead) for a Dillon 650 that handles lubing with a RCBS Lube die and trimming with the Dillon 1200 Trimmer. Also, the 1200 is supposed to make a smooth enough cut to not require chamfering. Of course, there's a vacuum hose to connect to handle the chips.

So, this setup may be more efficient in terms of reducing production time. If you have no problem with noise in your press location, it is something to consider.
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