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4-151-170 Registration of firearms and sale of ammunition.
(a) A licensee shall not provide or otherwise give a shooting range patron a firearm for the
patron's use at the shooting range; except that the licensee may provide a firearm to a shooting
range patron only for the purpose of receiving the one-hour range training required for a CFP. All
such firearms provided to the shooting range patrons shall be registered pursuant to section 8-20-
(b) A licensee may sell ammunition to a shooting range patron only for use at the shooting

4-151-100 Standards of operation.
There shall be a minimum of 1 range master for every 3 shooting range
patrons who are discharge a firearm from the firing line.
Can't sell ammo that leaves the range, can't rent out guns. One range officer per three shooters. I'm no business wizard but I honestly don't see how anyone could make this profitable. They'll have to have chicks walking around in bikinis handing out cheese and crackers to everyone.
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