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Which caliber?

I was wondering about the 32 H&RMag and the 327 Fed Mag. Fired from a 3" SP101. As well, the Smith and Wesson 32 long is interesting to contemplate, just from the perspective of brass that is available.

As youall know the 327 mag is a very high pressure cartridge. The firearms designed for that round obviously have to be capable of handling that pressure. If a 32 S&W long case were loaded to pressures normally created by the 32 H&R Mag, would that be a safe means of loading some rounds for target shooting?

Seems there was a thread one time about loading 38 special cases to 357 pressures. The consensus was that if they were only fired from a 357 they should be good. Just don't ever fire them from a 38 special revolver.

So, to get to the point, that is what started me thinking about pressures and short barrel guns.
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