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Originally Posted by oneoldsap
What you can expect from SmartReloader is poor quality and performance , as it is all Chinese knockoffs !
Oh, I don't know so much about that, old friend. I ordered one of their nano tumblers and it seems to be doing just fine. I use it for small batches when I don't want to haul the Dillon out from under the bench. It polishes brass just like the big American unit, for considerably less cost.

When all the U.S. companys are gone , you won't be able to buy anything decent anymore ! I say , be a good American and boycott that junk , spend your hard earned money on American made goods ! Sure they cast a few bucks more but you are buying superior quality , and the job you save may be your own !
And just exactly which products are those? I bought a big ole vise the other day, it's marked Sears on the side. When I turned it over, Taiwan was stamped on the baseplate.
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