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I've got a lot of nickel cases that do just fine. Often they are a bit more brittle and case mouth splitting happens sooner. The only nay-say with reloading them has to with the fact some manufacturers do a better job of plating than others. Some have nickel that wears away gradually, and those are no problem at all. Other have nickel that flakes off, and those occasionally can embed a nickel flake in the sizing die and cause it to scratch all cases thereafter. I've even had that happen in a carbide die, so I assume the flake or splinter found a gap in the carbide and embedded in the metal matrix holding it together. Steel wool buffing seems to cure it.

Do make sure you have nickel plated cases and not aluminum Blazer cases. The latter are duller looking and weigh a lot less, so they are easy to distinguish even if you don't look at the headstamp.
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