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After a lot of dies and a few replacement dies, I have come to the following conclusions.

Pretty much you can make reasonable ammo with any manufacturers dies.

The difference is the ease and pride of ownership with the different manufacturers.

I find it "easier" to get good ammo right off the bat "in general" with say Redding, RCBS and some Herter's dies. I find that with Lee I have to overcome some of their "features" to get good ammo and sometimes I have had to replace dies multiple times to get the right "features" I wanted. For example I have 3 sets of 357 Sig dies. I found the RCBS did not resize the case enough but had a great seater. I found the Dillon was carbide and resized the case. The Lee expander worked great in the sig, but that was replaced by the Hornady expander and powder drop. I do use the lee FCD in the sig but I yanked the die lock ring off so I could put on a hornday clamping ring.

So buy the tool that makes you happy and then learn to work with it.

Dies are cheap. I no longer even adjust mine much. It is easier to just by another set and adjust them once. I have a set for 38 special, another for 357 magnum and a third for 357 maximum. Why reset them when for $40 you can get another set and adjust them just so and lock and leave them alone.

I will add this. I find Lyman dies to be very roughly finished. They work but they do offend my sense of quality. Their "M" die is good though.
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