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Think about this way, 90 rounds in 90 seconds,ie, one round per second, would put you in Master in any IDPA division(89.41 in ESP). So lets say you shoot one round per every 1.2 seconds, or 108 total, that places you in Expert in every class, go to 1.5 seconds per round, and you are in Sharpshooter class, 2 seconds per shot, and you are a Marksman. So, here is the breakdown, Master is 85% plus, Expert at 70% plus, Sharpshooter at 55%plus, and Marksman at 40% plus. So, for example, an Expert shoots better than 69% of the shooters. Having said all that, basically the rule of thumb is that, Stage 3 should be equal to Stage 1 plus Stage 2. Ok, that means that a Sharpshooter would be about 67 total in Stage 3, time plus points down, and about 33 seconds each total for Stage 1 and Stage 2... Speed is fine, but accuracy is final. What is the difference between 1 second and 1.2 seconds? .2 seconds..duh? but, the time between the two classes is infinite. Like a wise Combat Master once said, 'It only takes .2 seconds to get the correct sight picture..'
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