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James K
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Hi, Jimmyray,

I have seen what happens when someone splashed caustic salts on himself, and it is not pretty. Please don't leave that safety gear hanging up, use it. I know it's hot, but getting boiling salts in your face and eyes is far worse.

Just to show how things can happen, I had a good friend who did a lot of bluing before OSHA, EPA and insurance rates practically killed small shop bluing. He had a habit of bluing M1911 magazines by polishing the outside, dunking them in a degreaser and tossing them in the tank. That worked OK; the spring was not affected and it saved a lot of time in tearing down the mags.

But one day he did that with a BHP magazine, not realizing that the follower is aluminum. The aluminum dissolved in the tank and the spring let go just as he was bending over the tank. He was, thank God, wearing goggles so his eyes were spared, but his face was scarred for life.

Again, PLEASE use protection.

Jim K
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