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. One splash can burn through to the bone before you can even think about it. You need protective gear like a heavy rubber apron and boots, goggles, gloves, a heavy cap and face shield.
I've done hot salts bluing since the mid 1970s and yes it can leave a nasty burn but I seriously doubt it can go to the bone. I have all of that PPE stuff but it stays hanging on the hooks in the shop(to darn hot to wear).
Hot tank bluing in your kitchen? Some people claim they do it and it is easy. I hate to call folks liars, but they are certainly either misleading others or taking great risks with their own safety (or they literally don't know what they are talking about).
Stove top bluing is definitely a BAD idea! Not from a safety standpoint but because of the damage it would do to the stove and anything else near by. As for price,a complete set-up costs about as much as a quality gun safe.
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