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I have a bunch of Lee dies. Thier lock nuts are OK by me, in fact, I buy extras to use in certain circumstance (crowded turrets, ...). I get an FCD for most any caliber I work with. I do NOT buy any of thier sets anymore.
That false economy statement rings Sooo true. The Lee shellholders fit like crap, for that matter the RCBS shellholders can live somewhere else also.
Hornady is the go-to for shellholdes & seating dies. I really like the Hornady sliding guide seating dies. I bought thier New Dimension 30-30 set.
I got a nice price on a Lyman Argentine Mauser set, but would probably not spent for the brand otherwise.
I have many RCBS sets, and trade out most positions for other brands as I find preferance.
I expect to spend too much on a Redding 2-carbide .45Colt sizer before long.
I also am going for the Dillon 2-carbide .357 Sig sizer.
Those last 2 calibers will be mix & match for all die positions.
No brand loyalty here. What ever gets the best job done for reasonable cost (in most instances anyway).
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