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I ran a QuickLoad analysis for 7-08REM/140SierraSP/55,000psi/2.800"OAL/16.5" barrel.

RL-17 easily ran away with the top spot for velocity in the mid 2650's. As Factory loads run at pressures higher than 55,000, RL-17 gives you a lot of room to manuever faster as suits your purpose/conforms with safe workup. It's also 97.5% burned by barrel end, so muzzle blast/flash is minimized.

Runners-Up included Ramshot Hunter, AA4350, and W760/H414.
But I'd sure start w/ RL17.

(I also ran it for a 162gr HNDY (BTSP#2845). RL-17 again stole the show for velocity (2,470fps) and burn (98%), but Hunter/AA4350/W760/H414 were getting closer.

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