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I always have my eyes open for online ammo deals (I live in a state with 9.5% sales tax). In the last 6 months, I've bought 5 1000 rd cases of 9mm ammo from various reputable ammo dealers like SGAmmo and AmmunitionToGo. Since learning of their business practices, I will never buy from LuckyGunner, BulkAmmo, et al. My price target is $200/case delivered. The deals are out there if you look. I'm not talking about remanufactured or Russian made ammo, although I'm sure my SIGs wouldn't have a problem with them. My recent purchases have been Fiocchi, S&B, Magtech, Speer Lawman and RWS. My latest purchase was the Swiss made RWS ammo from WeaponsWorld for just under $200/case delivered.
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