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Colt 1903 .32 ACP Concerns

Hi Everyone.

1st post here! Sorry about the length but I could use your help with this.

My father has a very old Colt 1903 .32 ACP that was (*extremely*) filthy so he asked me to clean it up a bit for him. I have an understanding of field stripping a 1903 and after some heavy cleaning, some (looks like mud) and grit on the side of the grip safety started to bother me. I don't know how to detail strip this particular pistol, however unfortunately, I got a little adventuresome, pulled the lower MSH pin, and after cleaning out the sticky filth between the frame and the grip safety, I tried to re-insert the pin but now the grip safety is somehow "stuck" depressed. Looks like the leaf spring is stuck and isn't quite seated right. (I knew I should have stopped before I did this. Even though detail stripping my 1911 went very well the first time a while back, I should have just listened to my gut about venturing into unknown territory on the inner workings of a model I’m not too familiar with. I looked online for some information and realized that detail stripping/reassembling a 1903 is extremely difficult and there is really a lack of info/videos on the subject. So, without going any farther, I took it to a local Gunsmith to re-assemble it for me.

After getting it back, I noticed that anytime I grip the pistol with my left hand and rack the slide with my right, the hammer doesn't seem to cock back (get no click when pulling the trigger). I went back in and inquired about this and the smith told me that I am not supposed to engage the grip safety when racking the slide. 'It's supposed to function that way on a 1903. Hammer will cock when it is not depressed.'. Well, it does like he said.

Well...Something doesn't sound right. Im pretty sure I was able to have the hammer engage anytime I racked the slide before this. I never noticed that. I understand that a grip safety is to prevent accidental discharge if the trigger is engaged, however it doesn't seem right that this would prevent the hammer cocking back. I don't remember this being this way originally.

But it does engage some of the time with the grip safety engaged. The crazy thing is...most of the time, if pistol is racked while placing/leaning it on its left side, the hammer will engage back. Same thing goes for racking it towards the muzzle. Anytime the pistol is leaning towards the right, it rarely engages the hammer back (holding in my left hand as mentioned above). I know it wounds crazy but I wouldn't post this if I hadn't tried different ways all evening. The only sure way I can ensure the hammer cocks back is to keep my hand off the grip safety.

What do you all think? Does this sound right? Or maybe parts are worn or maybe not assembled correctly? Any help would be appreciated.

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