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Ok I will help a bit. I have a 1 in 9 Savage bolt action that I load for. I also load for a several different AR rifles for friends.

Primer: (Have used CCI 400, Rem 7 and a half, an Winchester.) Make sure they are seated slightly below flush.

Cases: Mixed Headstamps.

Powder: Hodgdon H335

Bullet 55 grain Hornady V Max, and 55 grain Winchester FMJBT.

All worked well with 25.0 grains of powder. (Note all rifles were tested with lighter loads prior to check for function, and pressure signs.)

This load in my Savage Model 12 LRPV has not failed to drop coyotes out to 400 yards. (Farthest shot was 415 yards measured with a lazer range finder.)
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