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#B or #BB lead shot

I am hoping that the experience of someone here may be able to help me.*

I am looking for a supplier for lead shot in size #B or #BB.*

I cannot find #B in less than custom orders of 1000lb.*

I have found #BB in Remington "field grade" at ballisticproducts and at precisionreloading but I have determined that "field grade" is not uniformly round.*

My application requires a little closer tolerance in round uniformity in the # BB size.... or ....I can deal with the un-uniformity if I can find the smaller #B size lead shot*

Plated shot is more uniform but is not cost efficient for my application.*

Can someone lead me to a supplier that would carry either..... #B size lead shot in smaller quantities ...or #BB size lead shot in a different grade other than "field grade" ?

Thanks in advance for any help someone can give
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