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I have a 550B which I use to reload .243 Win and .30-06 Sprg.

I have read of some trickery (involving careful tracking of cases by number of times fired, and trimming every 5th reload) which involves trimming before resizing. The assumption is that all cases lengthen the same, and that none will lengthen enough to be crimped in the lands.

Another part of the trickery is to use a dry lube that does not require cleaning and will not affect powder flow though the case neck.

So, according to some, it is possible to reload bottleneck cartridges on a progressive press without any "breakout" operations for case prep.

However, I never had any luck trying this. After stuck cases and powder bridging, I got a Giraud trimmer and made case prep as painless as possible.

Now I do the following -

1. Tumble all cases
2. Lube with a pad and a nylon case brush (old fashioned way)
3. Resize, deprime and reprime at Station 1 on the press
4. Wipe off excess lube
5. Check each case with a cartridge headspace gauge (Wilson type) and sort into "trim" and "length OK" bins. Also check for high primers.
6. Run the contents of the "trim" bin through the Giraud
7. Resume operation on the press with prepped cases, but index before pulling handle to skip Station 1. (Press handles powder charge, bullet seat, optional taper crimp)

I've had very good luck with this. No more stuck cases or powder bridging, even with fairly long-grain powders (Varget).

While turret presses aren't progressive, a similar procedure can be used.
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