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I believe that Hog Buster has us on the right track

Hog Buster - I think that you have hit on the heart of problem.

Unclenick - My decapper/expander rod looks just like yours although the 0.222" measurement is 0.208". I'm looking into the VLD type chamfering tools.

higgite - My FL sizing die is stamped with Lee-223-KO (I suspect your "DO" is for deluxe???)

Doodlebugger45 - My concern regarding getting the feel for priming with the press led me to use a Lee Auto-Prime XR versus the press to prime at this point. All the practice running single cases through attempting to understand the "bullet won't fit in the mouth of the case" issue has sensitized me somewhat to what is going on with the press, but I know I still must learn and pay attention and not just pull and push the press handle.

Now that I know that the bullet won't fit in the case mouth, I will try the suggested pushing the bullet into the bullet seating die whilst I move the shell plate carrier up enough to keep the bullet from falling out or I'll try to master the thumb and forefinger hold method.
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