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There are lots of good powders for .223, you just have to find one that suits you. I like IMR 4895, but I've been using it for several decades and every rifle caliber I have has at least one 4895 recipe. But, there are lots of other powders that work just as well, or better than mine. Depending on your rifle.

You see, handloading is really dependent on your rifle. What your rifle likes. The only way you're going to know that is by testing. There are literally a dozen or more good powders for the .223, and people are loathe to give recipes because there are so many potential variations.

The biggest question is: which powders can you find locally to use? Look in your manual and find the .223 recipe page. Then, find the recipes with 55 grain bullets, then make note of the powders that give the best velocity. Then, look around and see if you can find those powders locally. That's the powder you will use for testing.
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