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Well your in the right place and asking good questions.

The first thing some of the group would suggest is to read all the stickies, this is all the info that will get you started.
Now You should read all of the reloading manual, and the others that are suggested.

Here's my input to your new project. Assuming you already have the materials you need, this is powder, primers, brass, bullets. And the correct dies for your Lee turrett.

Decap and resize. the brass, even if new brass, I'd go ahead and resize. You will figure that out all by your self. You will need to lube the cases, so they don't get stuck in the die. Then you clean the lube off, several methods used. Another thing to learn.

reprime, either on the press or by a hand tool.

add your powder load. You best have a scale to check your powder drops.

seat your bullet. To the recommended COAL.

crimp your bullet. Recommended for an autoloader. Only crimp to keep the bullets from moving around. You can get a zillion responses for this topic, try the KISS principle. Read the book.

Now I drop my resized cases in a chamber guage and then again after loading a few to check my settings, this is a good tool, less than 20$. Get one.

record your load, in a notebook, Notebooks don't need batteries, and never remove a page from this notebook.

try out your loads and see how they do.

Good luck and stay safe.

Duane USN/ret

Reloading with Blu/Red/Grn/Ora
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