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Scoping an out of production T/C ML

Hey everyone, been lurking around the reloading forum a little bit and this is my first post on TFL not sure if I should post this Topic on here or in the smithy forum but here goes.

I own a T/C TreeHawk .50 cal ML carbine. it's been out of production for a few years I guess and love shooting it even though I only ever get to do so when I am down on my fiance's parent's farm land in AR.

I would love to put a scope on it but it does not have either a) pre installed mounts or a dovetail mount. Apparently it is possible to mount on on the iron sight base but there is only one set of holes not two (ie 2 instead 4) i'm pretty sure I can't just drill and tap new holes as the metal doesn't look particularly strong and i don't know about whether that would be dangerous or not because I use loose pyrodex charges at 70 gr and #11 caps.

any advice would be appreciated

for the record if it is of any importance I use 250gr pure lead LEE REAL bullets
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